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“Madhur Milan” Vivahik Patrika

In India, marriage is a sacred relationship, where perfection is provided by tying the boy and girl together for life. “Arranged Marriages” are still extremely popular and prevalent in India. Finding a perfect match can be a challenging task. Because of which we can resort to Vivahik Patrika, Marriage Bureau. By publishing Matrimonial Ads in “Madhur Milan” Vivahik Patrika, you can easily reach out to the prospective matches for your Boy and Girl, friends, relatives sitting at home.

Our “Madhur Milan” Vivahik Patrika is published by Rishtey Sewa Sangh (Regd.) through which Finding a perfect match is now very easy.

Benefits of Matrimonial Ads
  • Extended and easy reach across the Regional States: Based on the advertising mediums, Vivahik Patrika is called the Third largest reach in India. You can publish Matrimonial Ads in Magazine based on your preference for a particular city from your current city.
  • Vivahik Patrika delineates massive outreach even today: Publishing ads in top Vivahik Patrika/ Magazines with high popularity, circulation, and readability assist in reaching out to the masses.
  • Vivahik Patrika creates bigger impact: Advertising in Vivahik Patrika is highly effective in comparison to any other form of advertisement. Matrimonial Ads in Magazine is trusted by most of the people because it garners genuine appearance.
  • Matrimonial ad in Vivahik Patrika guarantees higher reach: Since matrimonial ads are released every Month, therefore it guarantees higher audience interaction and reach. During weekends, it calls for a good time for the family members to sit with a “Madhur Milan” Vivahik Patrika and through matrimonial advertisement to get an ideal match.